It’s That Time Again! Submit for the Third Annual “You Might be a Product Manager If…” List!

By on November 10, 2010

After you’ve taken a few minutes to fill out the 11th annual Product Management and Marketing Survey, you might be feeling a little feisty.  Well, you’re in luck!  I am officially moving the annual “You Might Be a Product Manager If…” list to be in conjunction with the survey so you can get everything off your chest at once!  I’ll release the full list on this blog in January, and need your participation!  If you’d like inspiration, you can read the past lists.  Some of my personal favorites include:

You might be a product manager if…

  • You do a SWOT analysis before making any major purchase
  • Your wedding included a powerpoint presentation.
  • You spend more time with your development counterpart than your spouse.

Submit your best ideas in the comments below, or @ reply me on Twitter!  Best submission might even get something cool…


  1. …you refer to your time in a singles bar as “competitive analysis.”

    …you classify your emergency room visit as a “bug fix.”

    …you call your gym membership or plastic surgery an “upgrade path.”

    …you ask your family to peer review your use case draft before going to the mall.

    …you ask the McDonalds counter help for the company’s latest ISO certifications.

    …the road maps in your car have a 2016 calendar date.

  2. Paul Young says:

    Awesome John! Thanks!

  3. • You do a market analysis on what home-buyers want before doing home improvement projects
    • You align your kid’s playtime with strategic growth strategies
    • You use automation and reporting software to manage collaboration in family events

  4. Chris J. says:

    …you named your dog, “Agile” and your cat, “Scrum”.
    …you correct your in-laws when they equate advertising with marketing.
    …you make your kids prioritize their chores, and insist they can get them all done on time if they would just focus.

  5. Elizabeth F says:

    …you leave 3 pages of typed instructions for the dog sitter, including a revision history.

  6. Glory says:

    You are the single wringable neck no matter what Agile is preaching these days.

    You work 50+ hours in the office and then spend countless hours at night with offshore development teams

    When the product does not bring the in revenue expected it is because you won’t put in that one feature that will make million of dollars (when you know it won’t)

  7. You have a family web site with directions to your house.
    You are tech support for everyone who has met a member of your family.
    You know who is on TV after midnight since you’re still doing emails.
    You’re the one people call since you’re the only one who answers questions correctly.

  8. Peter Davies says:

    …you have a project plan for the family holiday to Europe with dates, times, venue details and costs baked before you go.

  9. Eric Miller says:

    You create a written MRD (yes, with revision history) before any major purchase.
    You create a full business case with 14 different scenarios to accompany the MRD you just created.
    You email filing system rivals the library of congress.
    You’re on first name basis with a majority of the lawyers in your zip code.
    You’re constantly trying to tell the school how they can improve the student drop off at the “car rider” line.
    You read analyst reports for your leisure time reading… (sigh).

  10. P.M. Dawn says:

    …you actually enjoy completing customer surveys about – well anything!

    …you automatically think of 3 ways of explaining something – one for the developers, one for the business stakeholders, and one for the executives.

    …you actually know what “pragmatic” means.

    …you refer to an appetizer, salad, main course, and dessert as “releases” and not courses!

  11. Giselle says:

    …you refer to your pregnancy as a product launch and your child as version 1.0.

  12. John Epeneter says:

    • You introduce your newborn as your little persona.
    • You ask your children to go to SurveyMonkey to fill out their Christmas wish lists.
    • When your wife asks you to do a home project you hand her a PRD template.

  13. Tina Groves says:

    … you prepare a menu plan before grocery shopping
    … you’re finished your Christmast shopping before Thanksgiving or the night before. (There really isn’t anything in-between)
    … threatening to trash your BlackBerry is equivalent to being held at gun point

  14. Tim Reardon says:

    …No one REALLY knows what you do.

  15. Julie says:

    You prepare a SWOT analysis to motivate and encourage friends when they are down (focus on S & O).

  16. roadmapwarrior says:

    …people mistakenly call you a Project Manager and you can’t help but correct them
    …you know that “roadmap” is ONE word, not two (no matter how many red squiggly lines appear under it)
    …you’re looking for a partner in life but still feel the need to consider build and buy as options

  17. Eric says:

    Informing the clerk at the store that you are a promoter/detractor for their business gets a blank stare.

  18. Anna says:

    … you are doing every job in the company except for your Product Management job…

    … you create user persona’s on your family members

  19. . . . you answer every request with, “What problem would that solve for you?”

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