Pride and Job Satisfaction

I had to ship an item today, so I took it down to our Shipping and Receiving guy. I was adding work to his plate, so he had every reason not to be happy to see me. Instead, he was the opposite – excited to pack my item well, assured me that I could count on him and he’d take care of it, and enthusiastic to take on the job. As I walked out I thought “Wow. That is the kind of great customer service that everyone should strive to deliver.”

S&R is a commodity business; it would be so easy for him to be grumpy, treat me like just another client, and I probably would have never noticed. Instead, he transformed both my experience there and the rest of my day, and made me look forward to using him again. If the Shipping guy can do that in under 2 minutes…imagine what your business could do if you applied the same infectious enthusiasm to the job. Customer service and attitude are part of your product, and every interaction the customer has with your company, from Sales to Technical Support, to your website is another opportunity to delight them – use it!

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