“Lazy” as a Problem

Motorized ScooterIs laziness a problem that needs to be solved? Apparently. Now in Las Vegas, if you’re too lazy to walk 100 yards between casinos, you can rent a motorized wheelchair to scoot around in. Lessons:

  • Never overestimate your customer.
  • Even if an problem is disgusting to you, doesn’t mean someone won’t pay for it.
  • Your solution applies to market segments you probably haven’t considered.

I doubt that the wheel chair shop opened up to serve the lazy market segment. But like any other type of customer in search of a solution to their “problem,” they gravitated towards service that met their needs.

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  • Reply Bruce McCarthy May 25, 2007 at 6:30 pm

    Ah, the good product manager is always learning, even if it is from people who make them laugh!

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