Product Managers Well Positioned for the Future

We in Product Management have long known that we’re a strategic asset to our companies. Thankfully, the market has recognized this and Product and Brand managers are getting their due both in salary and recognition. Money Magazine and picked Product/Brand Manager as the top position for people who want to be paid well, exercise their creativity, and have upward mobility.

On one side it’s great to see Product Management come into its own with this level of mainstream recognition. On the other hand I hope that people who are driven more by the dollar and less by a passion for getting it right don’t read this and start to flood the PM market with under qualified talent. I saw this happen as a programmer during the bubble days (the real question is: was I a flooder or floodee?) and it’s not good for candidates or hiring companies, it makes hiring managers cynical about the talent in the market and generally slows down the process for everyone. Product Manager is such a strategic hire, I believe it should be given the same due diligence that you would put into an Executive search.

On that same topic, I am sure that there are many CEOs that come from a PM background – anyone care to name a few?

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  • Reply LeeAnn Wolff March 28, 2007 at 1:04 am

    Steve Jobs, definitely.

    The Mac OS isn’t a technology; it’s the center of a cult.

    iPod? It’s a rare thing to find a first-generation iPod will a battery that still works, yet you can’t look at a pack of teenagers at the local mall today without seeing those tell-tale white ear buds inserted in someone’s ear.

  • Reply Derek Morrison April 4, 2007 at 7:46 am

    Good to hear that Product Managers are getting formal recognition for the strategic job that we do. I have just written an article on my blog about the agility of Product Management and the value they are to organisations

    I use this quote to make the point:
    “In a recent McKinssey survey on building nimble organizations, 89% of the more than 1,500 executives polled worldwide ranked agility as ‘very’ or ‘extremely well’ important to their business success. And 91% said it had become more important for their companies over the past five years.” (Taken from April’s edition of Harvard Business Review) This makes the Product Manager a real asset to any organisation.
    feel free to take a look and post your thoughts.:
    Blog Derek

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