Pre-Thankgiving Potpourri

Here are a few items that were too small for their own post but go great together. It’s a pre-Thankgiving link feast!

First, The CrankyPM took me to town a bit for my post on Burnout in Product Management, where I discussed responsibility versus authority in PM. I stand by the post and contend that it’s not a whine but a reality that PM’s should recognize and adapt for, but you decide!

Second, a few new links are appearing in the blogroll on the right: evhead, the blog of Evan Williams, ex-CEO of Pyra Labs (creators of Blogger [now Google]), OnlyOnce, the blog of first time-CEO Matt Blumberg, Communication Overtones, a neat blog about PR and Communications by Kami Huyse in San Antonio, and finally, Rob Grady’s blog about technology and business.

Pragmatic Marketing is running their 2006 survey on Product Manager salaries and job descriptions. If you are a PM, please take the time to do the survey (15 minutes), more data is a good thing for all of us. Plus you will get an advance look at the results.

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  • Reply The Cranky Product Manager November 21, 2006 at 7:05 pm

    The Cranky Product Manager might have taken you to town, but she still loves your blog all the same! Keep it up!

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